The Emperor

The Emperor is the ruler of The Land of Dragons. Though not powerful by skills, he is wise beyond imagination, and his role to maintain order and peace is very important. He was voiced by Pat Morita, which proved to be his last role before passing away.

Li Shang serves him as his royal protector.

Mulan (1998)

The Emperor rules China with wisdom that’s said to be as vast as the ocean, and with a resolve that’s as unshakable as a mountain.

He is deeply grateful to Mulan and Captain Shang for saving China from the Huns.

Shan Yu once formed an army and tried to overthrown him, but was saved by Li Shang, Mulan, and Sora.

He was later visited by Riku, in a black hood, while his country was under attack by the Storm Rider and an Organization member, Xigbar. However, after Sora and Mulan defeated the Heartless, his world was safe again and he made Mulan serve beside him as Shang’s partner.

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