Captain Barbossa

Captain Hector Barbossa is a villain from Kingdom Hearts II. He is only shown during the first visit to Port Royal.Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)Captain of the Black Pearl and leader of the undead pirates.The medallions' curse keeps Captain Barbossa and his men in a kind of limbo between life and death. Their true form is revealed in the moonlight, and it's a terrifying sight to see.These days, Captain Barbossa has joined up with Pete in a search for... something.Captain Hector Barbossa was originally Read more [...]


The Crescendo is an enemy from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II.A hopping, horn-like Heartless.It's a bothersome foe that can honk and call other Heartless.It restores the HP of surrounding enemies. Use Heal Stomp with the right timing to heal the party.When attacked, it may call for help, so be sure to defeat it immediately.See: Crescendo (Enemy Card)A crescendo is the gradual increase especially in the loudness of music or the peak of a gradual increase.Calhoun HS Concert Read more [...]


Flounder is Ariel's best friend. He is not very brave and often gets easily scared, but whenever Ariel is in distress, he would rise up his spirits to help her out in any type of situations.Ariel's trusted friend. Flounder will do anything for her. He's small and not exactly brave, but he'll never leave Ariel's side, even when it means facing danger.He appeared in "The Little Mermaid" (1989).A young fish.He's not exactly brave, but Flounder is Ariel's most loyal friend.Ursula kidnapped Flounder as Read more [...]


Jane Porter is a character from the Deep Jungle world in Kingdom Hearts. She is on an expedition into the jungle in search of gorillas with hunter Clayton. She befriends Tarzan and his gorilla family and protects them from Clayton and the Heartless.A naturalist who's in the jungle with Clayton, her guide, to study gorillas. She met Tarzan in the jungle and is gradually teaching him about human ways. She's courageous and will face any danger for her research.Exploring the jungle, she encountered "Tarzan" Read more [...]


Megara is a character originally from the Disney movie "Hercules". In Kingdom Hearts II she is from Olympus Coliseum. Although Olympus Coliseum appeared in Kingdom Hearts, Meg was not present in the first game.Hercules (1997)Or "Meg" for short. She's tough, witty, and a true friend to Hercules. Since she met him, Meg's been trusting folks a bit more than before.Meg set out alone for the Underworld. She knew Hercules was exhausted and wanted Hades to give him a break from fighting in the Coliseum.Upon Read more [...]


Pence is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. From Twilight Town, he is a 15 year old boy who was a friend of Hayner and Olette. (and Roxas, or at least in the virtual version of himself)He is voiced by Sean Marquette in the English version and Hayato Taya in the Japanese version.A boy who lives in Twilight Town. He hangs out with Hayner (their "leader") and Olette (the responsible one).As for Pence himself, he's relatively laid back. When there's a problem, he takes his time and approaches the problem Read more [...]


Riku is the best friend and rival of Sora, the main character of Kingdom Hearts. His name is derived from the Japanese word for 'land'.Islander. A self-confident youth always competing with Sora. He hated the monotony of island life and built a raft with Sora and Kairi to explore the outside world. Riku seems to have vanished along with the Destiny Islands.Islander. A self-confident youth always competing with Sora. When the Destiny Islands vanished, so did he. By the time Riku reappeared, Sora had Read more [...]


Shan-Yu is a villain from Kingdom Hearts II. He originates from Disney's Mulan.Mulan (1998)Leader of the Huns. He wants to take over all of China.Shan-Yu and his enormous army are fearsome fighters who have defeated some of the Emperor's best troops. Now Shan-Yu plans to use the Heartless to invade the Empire.Shan-Yu has fierce eyes, and is always seen with a hawk who serves as his eyes and ears from above.Shan-Yu is the leader of the Hun army, and plans to attack and take over China (The Land of Read more [...]


Timon is a meerkat living in the Pride Lands. He only appears in Kingdom Hearts II.He grew up in the Oasis with Pumbaa and Simba, and together lived a carefree life until Nala found Simba and tried to convince him to go back to the Pride Lands with her. With the help of Sora, Donald and Goofy, he and Pumbaa pull their courage together to help fight Scar's hyena army.Pumbaa and Timon often say their motto Hakuna Matata, which means no worries.The Lion King (1994)A meerkat and one of Simba's closest Read more [...]


View this cartoon disney and other cartoon network character detail. Detail of the character, movies, games, and related video clips, and more ... Please comments and give rating.Xigbar the Freeshooter (?????, Madan no Ite, lit.Magic Bullet Sharpshooter), is Number 2 in Organization XIII. He is the fourth to last to be defeated and the second to speak to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II, although he does so hooded at first. Xigbar fights with two "Gun Arrows", capable of firing many different types of shots, Read more [...]