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Rafiki is a mandrill and the shaman of the Pride Lands in Kingdom Hearts II. Therefore, he serves as the king’s most trusted adviser, and his advice is always heeded. When Sora first arrives in the Pride Lands, Nala took him to see Rafiki, in the hope that Sora could save the Pride Lands and become king. Rafiki, however, saw that it was Simba’s destiny, not Sora’s, and reluctantly sent him on his way. Later, however, while communing with the spirits, he saw that Simba was still alive, and caught up with Sora and Nala and told them the news. When Simba succeeded in defeating Scar, Rafiki was there to officially induct him as the rightful king.

The Lion King (1994)

A mandrill who lives in the Pride Lands. Rafiki is a wise old shaman.

Rafiki was a trusted advisor to Mufasa, and has always looked forward to the day Simba would take his father’s place as king.

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