Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother is a good-hearted fairy and Cinderella’s godparent. She’s first appeared in Disney’s “Cinderella”.

A powerful but generous and good-hearted fairy who helps Sora and his friends. Slightly absent-minded, but an expert at magic. She gives Sora and the others lessons in magic as well as advice on their journey.

She first appeared as Cinderella’s fairy godmother in “Cinderella” (1950).

Sometime before Kingdom Hearts, her world, Castle of Dreams, was destroyed, but she managed to escaped safelly. Sora and co. first met her in Traverse Town, where she was living with Merlin in his house. She stayed in the form of a small carriage and whenever Sora needed to talk to her she assumed her true form.

Whenever Sora found a new Summon Gem he gave it to her so she could restore that being’s spirit, allowing Sora to Summon them in battle. Such gems were the Earthshine, Watergleam, Naturespark, and Fireglow. Respectively, these turned into Simba, Dumbo, Bambi, and Mushu. After these summon gems were all restored, she gave Donald the Lord Fortune staff.

She may return in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep as her world, Castle of Dream, will be featured in the game, but it is still unknown at the time.

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