Ansem the Wise

Ansem the Wise, also known by his alias DiZ, is the former ruler of Radiant Garden. He spent much of his time in his study, researching the mysteries of the heart.

Truly an enigma.

DiZ appeared before Riku in the guise of Ansem, presenting him with choices regarding the darkness within his heart.

It is said he and the king have met.

The man who called himself “DiZ” and dressed his face in bandages to conceal it, now revealed to be none other than Ansem the Wise.

The true Ansem once studied hearts and the Heartless, but soon ceased his research for fear of disrupting the order of the worlds. But his apprentice Xehanort betrayed him, robbing Ansem of his discoveries and pride.

Since that time, Ansem was driven by vengeance — but when he saw Riku go so far as to give up his physical form to help Sora, he had a change of heart.

An entity shrouded in mystery.

A decade before the main games, Ansem the Wise was the ruler of the Radiant Garden, as well as a prominent scientist. He was also the master of apprentice scientists Xehanort, Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo before they became Nobodies.

The sage was also the one who found the young Xehanort, on the brink of death, in the aftermath of a great battle by those who used Keyblades to fight, and nursed him back to health. Though the man had no memory of what happened to him before arriving at Radiant Garden, he still possessed a remarkable intellect and an insatiable curiosity. Thus, he became Ansem the Wise’s apprentice, joining the five others.

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Ansem the Wise
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