Iago is Jafar’s parrot companion and the anti-hero of Disney’s Aladdin. He appears in all the Kingdom Hearts games.

Jafar’s cunning, crotchety parrot. He’s Jafar’s eyes and ears as he flies around Agrabah, spying on his master’s enemies. Iago takes after Jafar, with a penchant for intrigue and evil.

He squawked around in “Aladdin” (1992).

A cunning and chatty parrot.

Iago flies about Agrabah, serving as the evil Jafar’s eyes and ears.

Aladdin (1992)

Jafar’s boisterous and cunning parrot. He’s Jafar’s eyes and ears for everything going on in Agrabah.

Iago’s mischief finally landed him inside the lamp, imprisoned with Jafar. Now that he’s finally free again, he swears he’s turned over a new feather. But I wonder…

In Kingdom Hearts, Iago was Jafar’s servant. He played a minor role, normally just appearing on Jafar’s shoulder in cinematics, but he did steal the lamp from Aladdin. He later appeared holding Jafar’s lamp in the boss battle, and he flew around with it. The lamp was one of the ways to do damage to Jafar’s health. Like the movie, Iago tried to fly away at the downfall of Jafar, but ended up in the lamp as well.

Iago made a small cameo appearance in Chain of Memories, holding the lamp during the Jafar boss battle, like in the first game.

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