The Doorknob appears in Kingdom Hearts. While not having much screentime, the Doorknob’s mouth is the keyhole to Wonderland. It likes to sleep, and therefore prefers silence over noises. The Doorknob also hides the world’s Keyhole. The Doorknob is much sleepier than in the movie, and it has no qualms about giving a rather curt reply to anyone who disturbs its sleep. The Doorknob is the only character from the movie version of Alice in Woderland to not have appeared in the book itself. It also uses the Phrase “One good turn deserves another,” derived from an old English folk tale of the same title. Contrary to the entry in Jiminy’s Journal, Sora and company never enter through the door on which the Doorknob is fixed.

A talking doorknob in the door to Wonderland. To enter, you must turn him–and “One good turn deserves another,” as he would say.

Doorknob was the only character in “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) who didn’t first appear in the original story.

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